Sunday, May 18, 2008

More great company & Michael's garden

We've been so fortunate this week to have so much family visit! First Grandma & Grandpa came to visit, then on Friday Annette & Karen came down. They had been wanting to do something to help remember Michael on this first anniversary of his passing, so they came and bought plants to help make a memorial garden for Michael. We were so touched that they would want to do this for us. After our visit to the nursery for the plants, the rest of the family joined us at Joe Bandito's for more yummy Mexican food (I've been celebrating my birthday all week!) This is all we could manage to do after we stuffed ourselves:

Some time in the night (after plane delays, etc.) Rachel and Brandon & kids arrived. They were exhausted but glad to be here. Saturday morning Esther came too, and we enjoyed visiting and having breakfast together.

Spencer & Brandon

Esther Manwaring & Jenna Holloway

Mom Annette with daughters Rachel & Esther

After breakfast, our cousin Allison (Aunt Alice's daughter) who lives here in Springville too, came over and the 4 of us girls worked to plant Michael's garden. They're all perennials so they'll come back every year, hopefully bigger and fuller each year. It's hard to see the individual plants, but here's the finished product:

and the girls together with our cousin, Allison, who is so bubbly and fun, she made the whole project entertaining!

Annette, Allison, Kathy, Karen

We are so excited about this garden for Michael, a beautiful living memory right here in our yard that will be a wonderful reminder of our sweet Michael and his gentle spirit, each time we step out our door. Words can't express how grateful Dave & I are for this sweet gesture of love from Karen and Annette. Thank you girls - we love you!


Stephanie said...

I hope I'm not being insensitive or anything, but who is Micheal?

That's neat that you had so many great visitors and got to plant a wonderful garden.

Nicia said...

Michael is my brother...(Kathy's step son). That was so kind of your sisters to do that for our family. It looks beautiful!

Farrell Family said...

The garden turned out beautiful. That is so nice that you were able to do that.
Happy birthday a little late. How fun to be able to spend it with so much of your family.
Thank you also for the towel for Matthew. It is SO cute. I love it.

Calista said...

That is a lovely idea! What a wonderful way to be reminded of him all year long :)

Karen said...

I'm so glad we were able to come and spend some time with you. The garden get together with Alison was great and educational. It turned out beautiful and I am looking forward to watching it grow. How many times did we eat out for your b'day??? It was great!

McD Fam said...

A garden is a beautiful way to remember Micheal. I remember Mom and Dad planting pampas grass for Mariah in our front garden.
Love the picture of you three laying on the floor. It reminds me of when Mel and I were younger and we'd just flop down and have girl talk:)

Melinda said...

Memorial gardens are so sweet! Aaron's mom and her sisters planted one for their mom several years ago and we all love helping out when we're there, pruning, weeding and just ennjoying the flowers. I'm glad my mom and Aunt Annette got to be there to help!

Annette said...

I had a great time! I always enjoy getting together with you and Karen.