Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting in Shape

A couple reasons for me to be happy: First, I've been working out for several months now, to an old Jane Fonda aerobics video from the early 90's. Now, for the past couple of weeks, Dave has been walking/jogging with me in the park just behind our house. I am so pleased! This is a real sacrifice for him since plain exercising isn't really his thing, which makes it mean all the more to me! I still try to do my aerobics 3-4 times a week, but it's been so nice to walk with Dave in the mornings too. Here are a couple views of our park:

Another reason to be happy - for my birthday, I got dumbbells and ankle weights, which I'm so excited about! (Thanks to my sweetie, Dave). The aerobics tape alone just wasn't cutting it. I've been doing the aerobic workout with the weights and can really feel it when I'm done. I'm hoping some serious toning takes place!

(When we're a little more in shape, I'll post pictures of us!)


Nicia said...

Ha ha. Funny Kathy..."when were a little more in shape we'll post pictures of us!" Whatever. You guys look awesome...for your age...totally kidding!! (you know, your family members who haven't met me yet probably think I'm the biggest brat alive from my comments. Hopefully they realize it's just my sense of humor!) You really do look amazing. In prove this, remember how excited I was that I could fit into your pants when I came out there to visit?!!! I was so proud of myself thinking I was so skinny cause I could fit into YOUR pants. See...your amazing!

Calista said...

I totally agree with Nicia; I would be thrilled if I were the same size as you! But kudos for working keep yourself healthy :) Let Michelle know if you ever feel like joining our Weight Loss blog; if nothing else it offers support and helps make you accountable!

Kathy said...

And I was worried my pants would be too big for you, Nicia, since you're so thin! Funny how we always see ourselves differently than others. :)

Calista, I'd love to join the weight loss blog. It's really hard to keep going sometimes. A person who's not really overweight can be out of shape and not feel good. My ultimate goal is to keep from getting diabetes, which is so darn prevelent in our family!

Michelle said...

Aunt Kathy, let me know what email address you use for your blogger page and I will send you an invite. Anyone can read the blog, the invite is to be an author, they send it to the registered email but I have to use it to let them know who you are. We all post updates on our weight loss goals, successes, bad days. It's nice to have support. We even put little tickers on that track the progress to our goals. If you find one you want to use, let me know and I will put it up for you!

Stephanie said...

Great job on working out and getting toned! That really needs to be my goal too - I've got a lot of flab and extra skin to work off! We'd totally love to have you on the weight loss blog if you want to do that with us!