Sunday, May 4, 2008

Connect with us!

When I wrote my book, Cyberspace: The Human Dimension,  I devoted a large portion of the book to the rise of social media, which at the time was known by various other names such as virtual communities, computer conferences, newsgroups, online teams, bulletin boards, etc.  So now that we have unprecedented means to keep in touch through this brave new world of online media, let's all interconnect in as many avenues as possible.   Here's information about where we are in cyberspace and all the ways you can connect to us:

This is great for professional networking and connecting.  Sign up and then send me an invitation to link, to dave (at) webworkingservices (dot) com.  I've set up a profile there - you can too.

Great way to share videos.   Other than the fact that they put a little YouTube logo on every video you upload, it's the perfect video sharing site.   If you have any videos at all to post, sign up and then connect to friends.  Our YouTube account ID is webworking.  Check out our videos there and don't forget to connect to us!

The preferred social space - Facebook has taken over MySpace as the cleaner, safer place to "hang out" online.  Like LinkedIn, it let's you connect with and interact with people you know in a structured way.  Check out my profile, sign up, and then add me as a friend!  When Kathy get's an account, connect to her too.

Twitter is a fun site that let's you post mini-blog entries that let's your friends now what you're up to and what's on your mind, quickly and easily.  Sign up and then "follow" illumerati (that's me), and I'll start following you back.

We have a few blogs on Blogger.  Besides the one you're reading, there's a private one for the Danes Family Reunion coming up in July.  Contact Kathy or Calista if you don't already belong to that one.

Of course, Kathy and I make part of our living on eBay, so check out our eBay store, look at the Guides and Reviews I've written, and subscribe to our store newsletter.

Another blog I maintain is to help people navigate the challenges of maintaining a PC, talking about Internet and PC security, identity theft, and trouble-shooting and maintaining a PC.  Please leave comments there to let me know how I'm doing.  Thanks.

Great site for trading books you don't want for books you do.  Sign up by clicking on the image above and then make us your buddy after you're signed up.  Post 9 or 10 books and get one free - and every time someone orders one you post, you get to choose another one someone else has posted in exchange.  It's cool.

Same thing for DVDs.

Anyway, have fun signing up and connecting with us on all these great social networking sites!



Calista said...

Wow. I had no idea there were so many ways to keep tabs on your friends and family. That's cool :) I am excited to see you guys on the blogs, and absolutely thrilled about the reunion blog and the interest I've seen in it so far!

Farrell Family said...

Wow. You have a lot of great info. I love the book and dvd exchange. What a great idea.