Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Chillaxin" in the snow!

Sunday Dave looked outside and saw Emily just sitting in the snow, "chillaxin" with some crackers and a yogurt. Too cute!

Monday, December 7, 2009

25th Annual Gingerbread House Decorating

I was so glad that in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas and the wedding at the same time we were still able to get together and continue the tradition! In the essence of time, I compromised a little with graham cracker houses, but I don't think it compromised any of the fun. A great time was had by all. Caitlin had several of her roommates over, and for several of them and Stephanie, it was their first time decorating houses! We have loved this tradition and have so many fond memories from it. We wished Jordan, Andrew & Starrie, and Nicia & Joe could have been with us!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surprise Breakfast

This morning Emily was ready for school a little early and didn't want me to come downstairs for quite awhile. I needed to get ready for work anyway, so I didn't mind. I could hear noises coming from the kitchen so had a little clue about what might be going on. When she was ready, she had me close my eyes, led me down the stairs and into the dining room where I opened my eyes and saw this:

On the menu:
blueberry bagel w/cream cheese; orange juice smoothy
made with orange juice & berry yogurt mixed together

She had made breakfast for me! Notice the creative "coasters" under the mugs (paper towels). It's hard to see, but she made little name cards for each of us, Mom's Place and Emily's Place, written in her version of cursive (which is actually pretty good!). Of course the inside of mine had hearts decorating it and telling me she loved me. A melt your heart moment - really special for me. After hugs and a prayer, we enjoyed our little breakfast together while reading about Helaman and his army.

Apparently, she had done the same kind thing for Dave this past Saturday while I was at my sister, Karen's. I know why she is doing this thoughtful deed - it's from years of watching her older brothers and sisters make breakfast for us on Mother's Day & Father's Day, and sometimes just because, in addition to doing lots of other thoughtful things for us on a regular basis. (I seriously have the best kids!) So thank you to her sweet siblings who have shown her such a great example!! And thank you Emily for a your love and a yummy breakfast!! Love you!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Wicked Witch of the West

Emily wanted to be something "scary" this year for Halloween. She said she had always been something "good" and wanted to be something bad and scary this year. Dave did her makup the first night for "trunk or treat", and I did it the 2nd night for trick or treating. I was really pleased with her outfit. Got the dress and cape at DI for $4.50 and the hat at Big Lots for $3.49. Here's our own Wicked Witch of the West:

She insisted on wearing fangs part of the time
Without fangs

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

The week before Halloween we were fortunate to have most of our gang over to eat sausage potato soup and homemade crockpot applesauce, carve pumpkins and make carmel apples. Our brother-in-law, Lee Holdaway, was visiting and got to get in on the fun too. Here's everyone diligently working to get their pumpkins cleaned out.

Dave hates the feeling of the pumpkin guts - he's trying to look cheerful here as he digs in.....

At times people would get a little carried away:

Justin getting knife happy
Emily wanted to "carve" her own pumpkin like everyone else.
We let her have the knife for about 3 seconds.....

Becky and Jared even brough a pumpkin carving design book and special carving tools - serious carvers!
Some of the finished products:
Becky's pumpkin - says "Trick or Treat!"

Dave's pumpkin - the headless horseman
The night wouldn't be complete without making carmel apples:
Justin & Stephanie
We've done this a couple times before, and it's so much fun that I think we definitely need to make it a yearly tradition!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Gardner Village

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call letting me know my niece, LaNita was in town with her hubby and little boy, clear from Oklahoma! We wanted to get together, and since Emily was off from school for fall break and I wanted to do something fun with her, we decided to meet at Gardner Village - it was great to see LaNita, and her little Dallas is just the cutest, most handsome little guy!

If you live in the Salt Lake area, you MUST go to Gardner Village. Such a cool place. My description wouldn't do it justice. It has lots of shops with way cute stuff, mostly home decor, but so much other stuff too. Way cute stuff. They go all out for Halloween, so the atmosphere is just so fun. We started with pony rides and a petting zoo:

Dallas McDonald

Emily and her friend, Maddie

With Emily's love for horses, this pony got lots of attention!
Around the village there were lots of lifesize witches, all throughout. They had a scavenger hunt which was fun for the girls (and us) to do, going around finding the different witches listed on the hunt. There were clues to help them know the different witches to look for. Great fun for all of us. We didn't spend too much time in the shops since there's was LOTS for little kids NOT to touch. But it was fun to look here and there.

The witch who was "ready for a hug"
My own little witch

Dallas & LaNita
We found all 14 of the witches and went to the bakery to redeem our chocolate chip cookies for turning in our completed scavenger hunt sheets. What a fun way to spend the afternoon. The weather couldn't have been better, and it was wonderful to see LaNita, Josh, and Dallas again!

Monday, October 19, 2009

HELP! Getting unwanted presents from Chipper!

I need some help and advice - if you have any experience with dogs, maybe you can give your thoughts...
As most of you know, we have a sweet little dog named Chipper. He's 4 1/2 years old and has been housetrained for about the past 3 1/2 years. Several months ago he started doing his business behind our big screen t.v. We wouldn't find it until way later when we'd be back there working with wires or something. A real bummer. I've tried to be better about keeping track of what he does when he's outside and sometimes putting him in his kennel if I know it's been awhile since he's done #2. Well, this morning, I found that Chipper has moved his location to Emily's bedroom - a pile from a day or two ago and a fresh pile this morning. AAAGGGHHH!
If he hadn't been a member of our family for the past 4 1/2 years, I would put an ad in the paper TODAY to find him a new home. But he is Emily's best little companion here, our primary reason for getting him the first place, so I need advice on how to solve this problem quickly! Do I have to totally start over with housetraining and keeping him kenneled or with me at all times? Do I only put the food out for a little while and then take it away? Any help would be appreciated! I'm totally grossed out and can't handle much more!
Desperate Dog Mom

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hike to Santaquin Peak


Length of hike: 11.5 miles

Elevation: 10,685 feet

Completion time: 8 1/2 hours

Two weeks ago, Justin and I went on our annual "killer" hike. This year it was Santaquin Peak, just south of our home a few peaks over. Justin invited Stephanie to come along. This was Stephanie's FIRST real hike! She didn't know how long the hike would be until the night before, and I was surprised she came, but she was a real trooper and actually led the group most of the way up. Our day began by leaving the house at 6:15 a.m:
Justin & Stephanie Garrison

One of the beautiful views

Stephanie and Kathy catching a quick rest

Stephanie, Justin, & Kathy at the TOP!
Did I mention we were a little tired?

Justin & Steph looked great - I looked a little worse for the wear
Thankfully, I didn't feel that bad

At the top we met a lady who had actually passed us earlier on the trail and was kind enough to take pictures for us. She looked like she hadn't even begun the hike, and was talking about how she had hardly had to drink any water so far. Turns out, she'd hiked Mount Timponogos 2 days before! (a 14-mile hike) Talk about a serious, hardcore hiker!

Smiles before heading back down the mountain

We enjoyed lunch at the top and rested for a little while. It took us about 3 hours to get back down the mountain. The last couple of miles were the worst. I had a great big blister on each of my big toes, and by then it was much warmer down in the valley, so the further down we went, the hotter it got. We had taken quite a bit of water with us, but the last mile, we were sipping the last few drops of our water. If we'd taken any less, we probably would have been in trouble! But all's well that ends well.

Orange tongues from the mango icees we got after finishing our hike
There are many amazing things about doing a strenuous hike. Amazing scenery, amazing views, amazing that I make it to the top, a real feeling of accomplishment. Overall, fun company and a great hike! Thanks for going Justin and Steph! I'll be resting up for next year.......

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bascom Family Reunion

Just wanted to post a few pictures from the Bascom Family Reunion, August 13-15, in Santaquin Canyon, Tinney Flats campground. This is Dave's extended family on his mother's side. Justin, Emily, and Kathy were the only ones able to go from our family, since everyone else was working or out of town. The road up the canyon was closed so we had to travel around the long way, taking about an extra hour to get there. Most families tried to get there Thursday evening and ended up arriving quite late. We went up Friday morning and got there in time for a great dutch oven breakfast.

Our camp

Later in the morning, many of us took a nice hike. Kathy opted to stay dry, but Justin and Emily were with the group that hiked further up and through the water. They came back to camp pretty dirty, but had a great time. Later they had a pinata for the kids:

Emily's turn

Even Grandma Bascom took a turn!
Chase Brandner with his new hat
And Emily with her new hat....
They had a water balloon fight and a tug of war, but I missed pictures of both of those. There was a stream right near the camp that the kids did a lot of playing in. All of Emily's clothes were soaked within the first few hours we were there..........
Emily was in 7th heaven with so many cousins to play with.
The kazoo band - Emily, Aubrey Dyson, Alex Dyson, Mistee Bascom, Austin Bascom

Aubrey, Mistee, Emily

We had to bring our dog, Chipper, with us, and all the younger cousins paid TONS of attention to him. He was VERY dirty when we brought him home! (should have gotten a pic)
Friday evening we sat around the campfire playing a couple of games and then had a great fireside where we shared experiences of how the Lord had had a hand in our lives that past week. The spirit was very strong. Saturday morning Grandma & Grandpa Bascom led us in a beautiful devotional.
Grandpa talked about being on one side of the fence or the other (notice the shoe)
Then they talked about Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty and how we want to recommit ourselves as individuals and families to do whatever is necessary to remain close as a family, to have peace and freedom and protect our families.
The Title of Liberty
We marched as a group, gathering around the flag, and sang "Onward Christian Soldiers". It was very touching.
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Bascom for all your efforts in planning this great reunion for us! There was a lot of opposition while trying to make this reunion a reality, and we recognize the hand of the Lord in keeping us all safe and helping us to be able to come join together. Wonderful memories were made, and bonds of love strengthened. We love you!!

Grandma & Grandpa Bascom

The whole gang

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Locks of Love

Earlier in the year, Emily's friend donated her hair to Locks of Love. Ever since then, Emily has been wanting to donate hers too. So finally, it was long enough.


She was SO excited!

Cutting the ponytail

First smiles after the haircut

Nicia came for moral support

Such a cute hairstyle on such a happy girl!

Emily and her hairdresser, Jennifer
We're proud of you, Emily, for helping to make the difference in another child's life!