Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Happenings

Children's Art Festival:
Each year for Springville City Days, they hold an awesome children's art festival. We usually invite a friend to come along with Emily, more fun for her. They have around 20 booths, all with a different craft for the children to make. Each craft is made with a different form of art, so they're learning while they have fun.

Olivia and Emily showing off their face painting

Parade fun:
Since I marched in parades for 8 years while growing up, it wouldn't be summer without parades. It's tradition to attend our little city parade each year. Even when we're few in numbers, it's still fun: the excitement, the patriotism, the floats, the bands, the horses, watching the children run to gather candy that's thrown, getting cheap hot dogs at the Chevron station, and more. Just love it! And being held in June, it's just the right weather.

Emily's school always makes an appearance in the parade. Last year she wanted to be on the "float", but decided to wait because Caitlin wasn't here to see her. So this year, with Caitlin home, she chose to be a part of the parade instead of sit with us. She was SO excited! Here she is on the Reagan Academy "float". She has just spotted us as they go by.

Check out a closeup of this picture. Love her expression - pure joy!

No kiddies watching the parade with us, so strange!!
9th Wedding Anniversary!
That's right, June 16 Dave and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. Oh, where has the time gone? First thing in the morning, my sweet Dave surprised me with this:

A beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers from our garden!

To celebrate, we wanted to do a little shopping and go to dinner. Caitlin was my personal beauty consultant. She lent me her clothes, shoes, earrings, and did both my hair and makeup. She was amazing, and I loved being pampered!
Happy Anniversary! Love you forever!!

Pictures with more of my favorite people:
Swim lessons:
Our own little fish
Father's Day:
It was wonderful to have all our children who live nearby, come for dinner for some of Dave's favorites: Enchilada stacks, corn on the cob, and strawberry shortcake. Nicia and Jordan - we missed you!! And Dave, you are an amazing husband and father! We love you!
The kids always come up with great cards, sometimes pretty funny ones - this one had Homer Simpson, need I say more? :)


Jared said...
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Nicia said...

Buahaha. Was Jared and Becky the one who gave the Simpson card? Looks like June treated you pretty darn well!

Rachel H. said...

HOW FUN! Looks like you had a great time. I need to email you the pictures from our visit. :) You looked BEAUTIFUL in them!

Justin said...

The Simpsons card was mine....

Stephanie said...

Dinner sometime would be awesome! We'd have to plan it for a weekend when Jeff isn't working, so you can e-mail me and we'll plan something. :-)


And make sure to assign us something to bring, because we love cooking. ;-)