Sunday, June 7, 2009

Extreme Makeover!

I feel so blessed. Just want to share something else wonderful that happened recently. On Friday, May 29, Caitlin and Nicia knocked on our bedroom door and informed us that we needed to leave our bedroom immediately.
(A little background: several months ago I had seen pictures of how my niece, Rachel, had redone her bedroom for almost nothing in cost. I had mentioned to my girls that if Rachel could do it, perhaps some time this year I might like to try and do something with my almost unbearable bedroom. But then with the finances getting tighter and tighter, I had put that thought to the back of my mind.)

So because I had mentioned something to them earlier, I thought maybe they were having us leave the room so they could put new bedding on our bed. That was the extent of what I thought might happen. We were obedient, though, and grabbed some clothes and toiletries and headed out of the room. We were not allowed back in all day long!

Jared and Becky came for awhile, and Justin came later in the afternoon. Even Caitlin's boyfriend, Ben, was up there helping them. We heard banging, comotion, and more banging. We just stayed downstairs working in the office, playing Ticket to Ride, etc. Around 11:00 at night, we were finally able to go up and see our surprise, a very unexpected birthday/anniversary present:

The temple picture replaced the ugly big wall-mounted t.v. with the dresser crowded under it

A large treadmill took up this whole corner where the dresser and window are

(it's just a shadow the mirror on the door
is casting on the wall to the right)

The picture of Dave & I is one of our favorites at the beach. The black shadow boxes
on either side will have sand, shells, and my sand dollar collection in them.

I was overcome with emotion.....

All of my adult life, I have never decorated my bedroom, ever. Those of you who have seen my bedroom know how bad it was. This is a project that I know for sure would never have happened if it was left up to me. Closet doors put back up (with knobs too!), treadmill taken out and t.v. taken down (I would have Never have been brave enough to do that!), room painted a gorgeous toasted almond color, new drapes, new pictures on the walls, new bedding.....It's beautiful, and I am in heaven!!!
Without a doubt, I have the most amazing, loving children in the entire world. This was one of the main reasons Nicia had come to visit. Truly this was a labor of love by all that means so much to us and that we will remember forever. It has been such a lift for me. As we were all commenting, our bedroom is a beautiful sanctuary now, and I love to spend time in there now. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over to all of our children. We love you all infinity much!!!


Nicia said...

My eyes are all watery now! :) I am so glad you love it. I was stressing all afternoon every time I saw that blank wall staring at me after we took that ginormous TV down! I'm really glad it turned out so well. You and Dad both deserved it so so much. We love you guys.

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

I am so happy for you! What wonderful children you have. What a great surprise!

Sarah said...

Wow wow wow!!! Are they hiring out? I could sure use them.

Your room looks amazing. And your "night away" sounds so fun. You really do have the greatest kids.

Melinda said...

That is the neatest thing they could do! I thought it was so neat when you and Aunts LaNita and Annette came to help Mom redo hers, and I think it's great that you got your's done, too!

Nathan and Esther Manwaring said...

How awesome. That is really neat that they did that for you.I bet you feel like a million dollars now.

Lisa said...

Your kids are so great! What a fun surprise.