Monday, March 9, 2009

My Dad - 79 Years Young!

Emily, my sister, Karen, and I took a quick trip up to Kuna, ID over the weekend to visit our parents again. I was SO glad we went! Dad got out of the rehabilitation center a couple of weeks ago, and it was good to see him making a little progress at home. Saturday we dragged him out to Sam's Club where he used one of the electric carts. (He REALLY didn't want to go, but we just couldn't let him sit in that house when the weather was so beautiful!)

We had fun sampling all the food and letting Mom & Dad check out the things Sam's Club carries, since they don't usually go there. Mom brought home a state-of-the-art metal kitchen trash can with a motion sensor in it so the lid opens when you put your hand over it, and closes automatically when you leave. Very cool. Gotta admit, I was coveting just a little bit!

Late Saturday afternoon we headed over to El Gallo Giro, our favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. Dad's 79th birthday was on the 4th, so we decided to celebrate a little more.

My batteries died, so I wasn't able to get a picture of Emily there. Later on in the evening my brother, Ken, his wife, Jenette, and their children Reanna and Samuel, came over to visit. Emily had a great time playing with her cousins she doesn't see very often.
It was so nice to have Karen to visit with on the drive up, and was just a wonderful visit all around! Love you, Mom & Dad!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to Grandpa! Sounds like a fun visit, I'm glad you got Grandpa out of the house. What a cool trash can, I think my kids would have way too much fun playing with it!

Nicia said...

So glad you were able to visit your parents!

Rachel H. said...

I miss those days of combo celebrations with Grandpa!! Glad you go to go--looks like fun!

Michelle said...

What a nice visit! Good job getting Grandpa out and about, a trip to Sam's is always fun!