Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Highlights (including a mission call!)

Some weekends are good, but this one was GREAT!! Friday was Jordan's day off, so he helped me can some peaches that Grandma & Grandpa Bascom had given us. I don't have a picture, but we ended up with 21 quarts. Thanks, Jordan!

Hard at work
Saturday morning my friend and v.t. companion called to see if Emily would like to go on a short horseback ride. Since Emily LOVES horses, was she happy about this!

Going for a ride on "Sunny"

Emily got back from her horsey ride just in time to head out for her soccer game.

Playing goaly on the "Sharks" team

And......the most exciting news of the weekend happened Saturday evening when Jordan received and opened his mission call!!

¡Me han llamado para servir en el Cuernavaca, misión de México!

(I've been called to serve in the Cuernavaca, Mexico mission!")

Departure Date: January 21, 2009

Jordan is super excited, to say the least. He's been working hard and waiting for this time for awhile now. Cuernavaca is in southern Mexico, about 1 hour southwest of Mexico City. The mission is quite large and extends out to the coast, including 350 miles of coastline. The city's name means City of Eternal Spring. We've already started reading all about it, and the average temperature year round is 77 - 86 degrees. If he serves right in this city, sounds like it could be really rough. :)

I'm so proud of Jordan, though, and know he is going to be a great instrument in the Lord's hands.


Melinda said...

Congrats to Jordan!! How completely exciting. Aaron's brother is getting the last of his paperwork done and we can't wait to hear where he's going, too! Way to go!

Rachel H. said...

HOLY COW! CONGRATS!! How exciting! I can't wait to tell Brandon. I am sure he will call and give Jordan a hard time (in Spanish)... :)


Farrell Family said...

How cool! Congratulations! Sounds like a beautiful area and I'm sure he will do great.

Nicia said...

Go Jojo!! (In more ways than one.) hehe. Just kidding. He is looking so good! His job has given him a very nice tan, and I can see he's lost some weight in his face. Hot Jojo, hot.

Calista said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations on the mission call that is so very exciting!!

Michelle said...

How awesome! Learning spanish is going to be really good for him, especially since it is a very predominant language in the States. So exciting!!!

Nicia said...

Hey Kathy. I tagged you. haha.

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

Congrats Jordan! You'll do great! We'll keep you in our prayers.