Monday, September 29, 2008

Best Deal of the Month

This past Saturday we came across the best deal of the month for sure!! Jordan went with some friends to the corn maze up at Thanksgiving Point. When he came home he said that the mom of his friend had coupons for everyone to get in for 93 cents! Wow! 93 cents - are you sure? (The admission, even for children, is normally $10.50.) I figured there had to be some info on these coupons somewhere on the internet, so I started googling and sure enough, I found the coupons on a radio station website, for, yep, only 93 cents admission through Saturday night. We've never been to the corn maze before because of the high cost, so was I excited! I let all our other children know about the great deal and then called Dave who had just finished a conference in Salt Lake, and he met Emily and I there at Cornbelly's. Really a fantastic deal for an awesome night of fun. Emily had the most fun - there was SO much for her to do! First we went through this HUGE blown up haunted creature:

If you look at the guy sitting on the left, you get an idea of how big this monster is

Emily went about 1/3 the way through the creature and darted out an emergency exit. She loved it and wanted to go through again, so in we went for the 2nd time. Only this time, we had her go all the way through with us, which she did not like. It got a little scary, if I do say so myself.

Howdy, pard'ner!

I love this picture - waiting for the wagon ride to start

This next activity was probably Emily's favorite. A pump pumped water down a pipe to another pump on the other side. There were little colored ducks that you would put into the pipe and you had to pump the water to send the ducks sailing to the other side. Dave was on the other end sending the ducks back to Emily as fast as he could. Emily played this for a long time.

We finally tore her away from the pumps to go into the kiddie maze. She directed us most of the way and did a great job of navigating us out of there.

I did it!

After the kiddie corn maze, Emily wanted to do the big maze for older people. I was a little worried it would be too long for her, but she seemed ready to tackle it. The maze covered like 12 acres of corn and the trails through the corn carved out a picture of David Archuleta. We chose the shorter route (about 45 minutes), but somewhere in the maze, we got way off track and ended up in the other phase of the maze that was supposed to take longer to complete. I'm fairly certain we made it most the way around the maze since we came to all the bridges, and we were out in under 45 minutes! Pretty fun in the dark too, except for the few times I almost twisted my ankle. :)

They had an awesome Pumpkin Princess Playland with a big inflatable castle, dress ups, and even Cinderella's gorgeous carriage.

Of course, our camera batteries went dead right before we were going to take a picture of Emily in Cinderella's carriage. She loved it though. We did lots of other things too including tether ball and dirt car racing.

So glad we were able to go - thanks Jordan for letting us know about it! All in all it was such a fun evening and a steal of a deal!


Nicia said...

What a fun night! Emily seems more and more grown up everyday! She is such a beauty. And at such a deal! I'm laughing at myself right now because I just posted something about getting a huge deal too! haha. Can you tell we are in the same family?

Karen said...

So was Last Saturday the last night, or is Saturday Oct. 4th the last night. That would be a great deal for my Webelos!

Rachel H. said...

Ya, what's the deal with the Whittle dealers?? :) jk! I loved reading both of the awesome deal posts!!!

Looks like fun! We haven't been to a corn maze in FOREVER! They are so expensive. Wish we could find cheap-o coupons like that!

Stephanie said...

That is a great deal! It sounds like so much fun!

Michelle said...

That is a seriously great deal! It would be fun to take the boys into something like that, but I would have to tether them or something, because if they took off I would never find them! :-)

Farrell Family said...

How fun and seriously such a great deal. We went to one last year that wasn't nearly as fun and paid more than that. And Emily really does look so grown up. She is so cute.