Monday, September 15, 2008

Small Successes

Just sharing a few small successes for me:

1) Some of you may remember this picture I put up awhile back in my photo tag - it was the project I was currently working on:

I'm happy to report that all those gosh-awful boxes are OUT of my family room, sorted and put away! I actually got this done awhile back but just never posted about it. So nice to have a family room back.

2) Saturday I worked on the food closet during the BYU game where they creamed UCLA 59-0. :)

Here's what I reaped from my food closet - this garbage can is stuffed full
(I forgot to take a picture beforehand - would have been too embarrassing anyway)

A clean pantry - a simple pleasure. So nice to be able to find things again!
3) The tree we planted for Michael back in the spring is growing nicely. Every week or so while I'm out jogging, I pull any weeds, dead head the old blossoms, and pull the grass back from the rocks.

The plants around the tree are doing great too:

The picture doesn't do justice here. The large areas of green are a ground cover that started out as small clumps and has spread really nicely with little purple flowers blooming. There's another plant with pretty bright pink flowers on the left that you can't see very well. We made some good choices because all the plants have bloomed all summer long, and they're all perennials so they'll be back next year. We still need to put a plaque in, but I think it turned out really well for the first season.


Michelle said...

Great job getting stuff sorted and organized! That is a good feeling, I love to walk into a room that is clean and uncluttered.

Your flowers are coming along great, too! You'll blink, and that tree will be huge!

Nicia said...

Oh I love it all! The front room looks great! What you really need to do is take a picture of the garage! The pantry looks awesome, and Michaels tree is looking amazing! Way to go Kathy! You're awesome!!!!!

Farrell Family said...

It all looks great. And what a great feeling too. Way to go!