Sunday, June 1, 2008

Look Out World, Here They Come!

The time has come. It doesn't seem possible, but a couple more big guys are entering the real world as we add two more of our kids to the list of high school grads. (They don't know what they're in for yet) :) Jordan graduated from Springville High School on Wed, the 28th:

And Andrew graduated from Mountain View High (Orem) on Fri., May 30:

After Jordan's graduation, we took the family out to the Golden Corral Buffet to celebrate both graduations. And now my "add image" button is acting up again, so I can't add more pictures! Anway, the dinner was great, and the boys were their normal, joking around selves. :) Saturday we had a big extended family graduation party to honor Andrew & Jordan. (wish you all could have been here!) It was a 50's theme & Dave had put a 50's CD together, so we had great music to dance to, good food, and best of all, great company! Congratulations guys!


Rachel H. said...

hooray! Though, we're still holding our breath and clutching our seats from Jordan learning to DRIVE! kidding! :)

What a fun way to celebrate--sounds like a GREAT party!

Farrell Family said...

Congratulations guys! It sounds like the celebrations were fun. What are their post graduation plans???

Esther and Nathan Manwaring said...

yeah for graduates. I remember when I graduated from High School. Crazy. I am glad everything went well. Thank you soo much for getting me to the airport, even when you had so much going on. I appreciate it. You are wonderful. I am so glad to have you so close. (when I am in Utah)

Abby Hiatt said...

Congratulaions! Just think in 3 more yearsI'm going to graduate, such a weird thought.

Melinda said...

Congrats to them both!!

And, with the pic thing, you can upload only 5 at a time, but you can re-open that *image* window as many times as you want.