Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Argentina pictures.....Finally!

We're back!! Well, actually we've been back for over a month. I got out of the habit of blogging, but I really want to get started with it again. I'll have to do a little a time, or it just seems too overwhelming!

On March 17, after an uneventful but long overnight flight, Dave and I arrived in Buenos Aires. We spent the rest of the day and evening resting and doing some sightseeing in downtown Buenos Aires. Not speaking Spanish was a little bit of a hindrance, but we managed. The next morning, we got checked out of our hotel and went over to the Buenos Aires temple where we anxiously waited for Caitlin to arrive. So exciting!! I can't describe the feelings I felt, but as a mother it's truly a blessing to see your child after 18 months, wrap your arms around them, and know from the big smile on their face that they are happy and well!

After lunch we were able to do a session with the other missionaries who would be flying home that night (in Spanish of course) which was very special. I'm SO glad we didn't skip this part of the trip!! I had been a little antsy the day before, knowing that Caitlin was in Argentina also, but that we wouldn't see her till the next day. (we could have picked her up the night before at the mission home.) But it was so worth the wait to be able to spend the time with her at the Buenos Aires temple.

We had decided ahead of time to have a little of the Argentine experience, so after the temple, we headed over to the bus station where we rode a cami-suite bus overnight to Iguazu Falls - 17 hours total. Because this is how almost all Argentines travel, they have different level buses, and we were fortunate to be on the nicest one.

The seats were cushy and oversized, and reclined almost flat, with a foot rest that came up so you could lay down. With a blanket and pillow it was pretty close to being like an actual bed! There was an attendant who served us dinner and breakfast too. Caitlin ended up talking with him for quite awhile about the church, and he was really interested and sincere. By the time we left the bus she had all his information for a referral for the mission home!

Dave & Kathy enjoying alfajors - probably one of the yummiest sweet treats I've ever tasted

Breakfast - the Carb Collection :)

If you look close, breakfasts consisted of 2 croissants, hard toast-like things, juice, an alfajor, and dulce de leche (a scrumptious carmel like stuff to put on the hard toast)

Oh well, we were on vacation, so we just enjoyed all those carbs! By the way, Argentine people don't cook eggs or other protein for breakfast.

Our side trip to Iguazu Falls was amazing. The falls are located right on the border of Argentina and Brazil. We have tons of pictures, but pictures really don't do the falls justice. What makes the falls unique is that there are so many of them. Here are just a few pics:

This picture was taken just before the boat took us down under the falls.
We were soaked at the end, but it was so worth it!!

We were at the falls one afternoon, then stayed the night in the quaint little town of Puerto Iguazu a few miles from the falls, then went back to the falls the next morning. Our hotel was part of the Argentine experience too. It was really just a very tiny run-down house with a sign on the front that said "Recepcion". But in the back there was a small courtyard and a few rooms beyond that. The room had all the basics, even had an air conditioner. Caitlin said, It's nicer than any of the the apartments I was in!" The beds were comfy too.

Enjoying a delicious dinner where they just kept bringing us all kinds of meat, as much as we wanted. I even tried blood sausage.....

Stay tuned for more pics soon..............


Michelle said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing trip, I was hoping you'd post pictures sometime soon.

Actually, they are sending me to Boise because I failed the diabetes test really early and the base hospital can't do an insulin drip during labor if I need one. Plus my history of NICU babies. So I am delivering in St. Lukes with an OB up there to be on the safe side. I don't mind! :-)

Sarah said...

Hooray for pictures!!! I can't wait to see the rest. You make me want to hop on a plane for Argentina...gorgeous!

Also, we will be in Utah May 8 (late at night) until Sunday or Monday. I'm still not sure when I want to leave. But I would love to come see you all and catch up. I'm open so let me know what works for you.

Lisa said...

That is so amazing you were able to go to Argentina to pick up Caitlin. What a special experience. She is so sweet too (just like her mom). I love the pictures of those falls. I'll bet they were breath-taking in real life. So beautiful!

Nicia said...

Way to get all those pictures posted! You are so awesome. Those pictures are so beautiful!