Monday, July 7, 2008

Picture Tag

I've been tagged twice, so thought I'd better get something up here! Either our camera has something wrong with it, or I've forgotten how to use it because some of the pictures have a blue or yellow tint to them.....

1. A current project you're working on:

We had an organizing lady come help us, but she left before we were finished. This is only part of what we still have left to sort and put away, and it's sitting in my main floor family room! (but we can park in the garage now) :)
2. The oldest thing you own:

This is an LDS Hymn book that my Grandma Danes owned as a teenager. She wasn't LDS, but was dating an LDS boy. The copywright on it says 1909. Definitely old and a treasure too.

3. Your worst pair of shoes:

I'm a barefoot person through and through, but when I have to wear working shoes, I wear these. I mow the lawn, garden, and paint in them, and they're easy to kick off as soon as I'm done!

4. Something from your childhood:

Okay, here's something really random - my banner from my Merrie Miss days! (10-11 years old in Primary). Each of the round glass stickons is for memorizing an article of faith, and the saying at the bottom is stitched with navy blue and yellow yarn. Navy blue - still my favorite color.

4. Your three favorite movies:

You've Got Mail (sorry to copy, Nicia, but it really IS one of my most favorite), Radio (a true story - I love the true story movies - usually very inspiring), and Anne of Green Gables series. Definitely feel-good movies! The first time I saw the Anne series, I was visiting Karen and was very sick. She had to leave and left me with the 4 video cassettes. I figured I would maybe watch one while she was gone. I ended up watching all 4 videos right in a row and have loved them ever since. Whenever I'm sick, I want to watch.....Anne of Green Gables.

Your key chain:

Nothing too fancy, just your basic key chain. I did add the picture of Emily recently though which makes me smile whenever I get my keys out.

Your favorite edible treat in the house right now:

Low carb ice cream bars. Okay, I know these don't look very appealing, but it was either these or the sugar free popcicles. Honestly, those are the ONLY treats in my house right now. (unless you count fruit rollups) Sorry! They're not too bad, though!

Something in your home you are proud of:

Okay, I'm not going to lie - I'm a proud missionary mom of an awesome missionary! I love it when people notice the chart when they come in my home. Look at the stickers - she's on the downhill slide now! Love you, Caitlin!

Your favorite wall hanging:

The wall hanging is this "Love is Spoken Here" picture that my sister, LaNita, painted and made for me. I love the whole grouping though, which sits in my front foyer. Each piece is special to me. I love the clock - splurge purchase from Levinworth, WA, the tile was given to us just after Michael passed away ("Heaven Seems Closer When Someone You Love is There"), and the bowl and pitcher were made by my sister, Karen probably close to 20 years ago.

Something in the yard that makes you smile:

Michael's garden - it's doing really well, and I especially like that there are daisies. If you look closely on the left, you can see the first daisy is blooming (between the frog & the sign), with many more coming soon!

We'll keep the fun going - I tag Annette and Melinda!


Melinda said...

Okay...I had thought about doing it...but now I have an assignment, so I'll do it! Thanks for the incentive!

Nicia said...

Way to whip those pictures out! That was fun to see all the different things...especially your keychain! I love the picture of Emily...sooo cute!
The pictures of D.C. were so awesome too! I wish I could have tagged along. :(

Rachel H. said...

What a fun tag--I STILL haven't done mine...crazy, huh?

And your DC trip looks SO fun. What a great graduation present...

Karen said...

That really is a fun tag! I love all your choices...I share some of those memories, sweet!