Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surprise Breakfast

This morning Emily was ready for school a little early and didn't want me to come downstairs for quite awhile. I needed to get ready for work anyway, so I didn't mind. I could hear noises coming from the kitchen so had a little clue about what might be going on. When she was ready, she had me close my eyes, led me down the stairs and into the dining room where I opened my eyes and saw this:

On the menu:
blueberry bagel w/cream cheese; orange juice smoothy
made with orange juice & berry yogurt mixed together

She had made breakfast for me! Notice the creative "coasters" under the mugs (paper towels). It's hard to see, but she made little name cards for each of us, Mom's Place and Emily's Place, written in her version of cursive (which is actually pretty good!). Of course the inside of mine had hearts decorating it and telling me she loved me. A melt your heart moment - really special for me. After hugs and a prayer, we enjoyed our little breakfast together while reading about Helaman and his army.

Apparently, she had done the same kind thing for Dave this past Saturday while I was at my sister, Karen's. I know why she is doing this thoughtful deed - it's from years of watching her older brothers and sisters make breakfast for us on Mother's Day & Father's Day, and sometimes just because, in addition to doing lots of other thoughtful things for us on a regular basis. (I seriously have the best kids!) So thank you to her sweet siblings who have shown her such a great example!! And thank you Emily for a your love and a yummy breakfast!! Love you!


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

What a sweet girl! Lucky Mom!

Nicia said...

I was just going to say that it looks like she's learning from Caitlin's example. (Since Caitlin was there just the other week making crepes.) Such a sweetie!!