Sunday, August 23, 2009

Locks of Love

Earlier in the year, Emily's friend donated her hair to Locks of Love. Ever since then, Emily has been wanting to donate hers too. So finally, it was long enough.


She was SO excited!

Cutting the ponytail

First smiles after the haircut

Nicia came for moral support

Such a cute hairstyle on such a happy girl!

Emily and her hairdresser, Jennifer
We're proud of you, Emily, for helping to make the difference in another child's life!


Rachel H. said...

Jenna has been anxious to have this done too so I will have to show her Emily's pics! We are just waiting a few more inches...

LOVE Emily's new cut. SO CUTE! Perfect for her adorable little face!

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

What a girl! That is so awesome! What a good heart she has. I bet you are so proud! Super cute hair cut by the way!

Nicia said...

I was so glad I got to be there. :) She's so cute!!

Grandma Danes said...

She looks so cute. What a wonderful thing for her to want to do. Emily we are proud of you!

Karen said...

How wondwerful!! Cute haircut Emily!