Sunday, December 14, 2008



I'm can't locate one of my Christmas boxes that has the garland in it, so, we're garlandless this year. I'm still missing not having a real tree, so just might have to break down and get one next year! (we've been without for 3 years now) I'm grateful for a tree, each ornament, and decoration, and the beautiful symbolism of them all.


Before and after decorating the tree, we sang lots of Christmas carols. I love both the music and stories and am so grateful that we can enjoy both all season long!

'TIS THE SEASON......for SNOWSTORMS (in Utah anyway!)

Although it's cold and awful to drive in, I'm grateful for the snow, since for us it means having enough water in the summer.


Like brother, like sister.....since Jordan was small, he has gone out and shoveled snow without being asked. Really a bonus for me! THANK YOU, JORDAN! And this year, Emily is right out there with him. It's cold in this picture, about 25 degrees. Please notice all the winter gear they are wearing.....really none. I guess Emily DOES have boots on, but that's about it! Both JoJo and Emmy are the "It's not cold", "wear shorts all year" kind of people....just for the record, they didn't get it from me! I'm grateful for children who shovel my driveway for me! (Gotta mention that Dave was out there last night shoveling too.)


Sometimes Emily DOES get bundled up if she's going to actually PLAY in the snow for a length of time. I'm thankful for a daughter who shows such joy and enthusiasm for big and little things.


taking a break from the snow and "chilling out" (or warming up) with a friend

I'm grateful for friends and family to share special and ordinary times with.


Dave's extended family had their Bascom Family Christmas Party last night. We tied fleece blankets to give to a homeless shelter, had a yummy dinner, a beautiful Christmas story, and the nativity. We are fortunate to still have lots of younger children to carry out the tradition of acting out the nativity. Sorry about the right corner of the picture. I was kind of in charge of the nativity so didn't get to see much of it, but the children were darling. We sang silent night when they were through, and it was a perfect way to end the beautiful evening.

I'm so thankful we have family who live close enough to make these special memories with us. I'm especially grateful for this time of year when we can take more time to focus on the One whose birth we celebrate and all it means for us.


Nicia said...

Can't wait to see you guys! I saw the snow and quivered just a little bit. That I'm not looking forward to so much!!

Rachel H. said...

Looks like your holidays are shaping up to be really nice!! What ever are you going to do when Jordan leaves on his mission? Is Emily going to carry the torch to shovel the walks alone???

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

I loved your post! I love this time of year and all the wonderful things that come with it. We got our own little bit of snow today! Not enough to shovel but it looks pretty!

Jake & Lisa Danes said...
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Grandma Danes said...

I loved your pictures but couldn't read the words - black on dark red didn't show up enough for me. Yeah, I know - age related!

Grandma Danes said...

Hey - I still love the pictures and thank you so much for giving us text that we can read. It was beautiful. Love you much.

Calista said...

So many things to be grateful for during this Season! I liked all your pictures :) It's kind of a bummer that one missionary leaves just before the other gets back... I'm glad you guys are enjoying your Christmas!!

Michelle said...

That's awesome to have willing help. I'm looking into some subliminal conditioning tapes for my kids... ;-)