Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Today is my sweetie's birthday, so in honor of his special day, I thought I'd post a few pictures of his earlier days till now:

Love the smile, love the pose!

"Peace" (from our hippie party)

June 16, 2000, a very special day for us!

Peaceful dreams for a Daddy and his precious Emily

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I love you!


Melinda said...

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dave! Some excellent picture choices, Aunt Kathy!

Farrell Family said...

Love the pictures! Happy birthday Dave!

Rachel H. said...

THAT is the most ROCKIN' AWESOME picture of Dave in the suit (first one) I laughed so hard! Ah, the good ol' days!


Stephanie said...

Happy birthday, Dave!

Nicia said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVED all the pictures. I seriously thought that the first picture was of Andrew! I didn't realize how much he looks like Dad! Pretty good lookin' guy if you ask me! And Kathy...if I'm not mistaken, I belive you were ASLEEP in that last picture! hahaha. LOVE YOU GUYS! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you "infinity much!"

Grandma Danes said...

Love the pictures. I had Dave's birthday marked on my calendar and then went right over it. Happy birthday, Dave

Karen said...

Hey, great pictures, I didn't recognize him!! Happy B'day Dave. Why didn't we go out to dinner???

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dave!

It's always fun to see pictures of family when they were much younger. Lots has changed, hasn't it...? Wow!