Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blessings from Heaven

I'm sad to say that this year, for the first time in about 15 years, I didn't have a garden. I decided ahead of time that I was going to focus on some other things in my life, namely organization and getting in shape, and chose to make my vegetable garden a lower priority. Well as soon as I did that, of course the garden never happened. Now that it's harvest time, I've been a little disappointed that I can't walk out my back door and pick some produce. I've already decided that next year my garden will take a higher priority, even if it's just a couple of tomato plants! It took going without a garden to realize it's something I enjoy, and it gives me many opportunities to teach Emily. I just need to make sure I've got my ducks in a row next spring!

But for now I've been reflecting back on the past several months, and how the Lord has continued to bless us. One way has been through the produce we've received. Throughout the summer I have canned peaches, peach jam, tomatoes, grape juice (27 quarts), frozen green peppers, and was given every bit of the produce, including fresh green beans. And tonight my in-laws just brought us apples and a pumpkin for Emily! Thank you Mom & Dad Bascom!! With the economy the way it is and grocery prices skyrocketing, it's really been a blessing to receive all this produce. People who usually don't ever contact me, let me know about produce they had.

The fruits of my labor last Thurs. & Friday:

whole wheat bread, diced green peppers, tomatoes, grape juice

Last but not least, I am so blessed to have a wonderful mom who took time out of her very busy schedule to teach me how to do all these things as I was growing up! Thank you, Mom!


Nicia said...

A blessing indeed! Way to work so hard to have all that wonderful food storage! Can't wait for you guys to come out! :)

Rachel H. said...

I am so impressed! Way to go! You have really done so much with what you were given.

Stephanie said...

That's so wonderful! I feel blessed in the same way - our garden gave us a few beans and a prolific amount of squash, which was nice, but most of our fresh produce came from my parents. They were so generous in offering us free access to the fruits of their garden and their gleaning. Isn't family great?

Grandma Danes said...

It is really wonderful when people share their excess. I didn't get to share as much this year as I usually do. Lots of sisters bring their produce and put it on a table outside the R.S. door. It always is gone by the time people leave. We also benefitted from Ken & Jenette's gleaning potatoes and onions. Your work looks beautiful.

Farrell Family said...

What a blessing! It all looks and sounds so good.